A first Ars Magica adventure

I’ve run quite a few Ars Magica adventures, having been the story-guide for our table-top group for many years.  Most of the time, I run the adventures from a set of sketchy notes, with a good helping of improv, and suggestions from the rest of the group.  My sons wanted to learn to play, and to learn how to run a game as well.  So we rolled up some characters (which took a long time).  My younger son really got into the story aspect of character creation.  My older son played along at this point, but may have been just as happy with a pre-generated character from the sample magi in the core rule book.  Anyway, I created a couple short adventures for them, which they enjoyed playing.  While they had played plenty of D&D, Ars was new and they needed some guidance with what spells they could cast and how that mechanic worked.  To help them along, I came up with a number of possible spells they might try for each scene of the story; as we went along they started making their own suggestions.  Later, they had lots of questions about how to create an adventure, and how to know what to do as a story-guide during the game.  So I wrote up one of the adventures, along with my suggestions for spells, and it gave us something to discuss and work with.

So here’s the adventure I wrote, The Kidnapped Mother-in-Law.  It featured one magus and his shield grog, and my sons loved it.  Their magi revisited the site several times later as we continued playing, and dubbed the tree in the center of the forest “The Isen-tree” after the missing mother-in-law.  It really inspired my younger son, who was taken with the idea of a genius loci, and he started having his magus research how such beings came into existence and whether it was possible for him to create or become such a being.  A nature-oriented Criamon was born.

You can download a pdf of the adventure here: The Kidnapped Mother-in-Law.  Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “A first Ars Magica adventure

  1. Michael Norrish says:

    Neat! Thanks for publishing this.


  2. Good little adventure! Thanks a lot for posting it. I’m trying to prepare for running my first ever game of Ars, none of us have played before. So it’s really helpful to see that sort of things you can do!


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