Ars Magica Solo … beginnings

I drafted this post a while ago, shortly after starting the blog, I think.  At the time, I was trying the  solo rules posted to the Ars Magica forums, and had created a magus, Concentus ex Jerbiton, and a covenant at Bath in the Stonehenge Tribunal.  Re-reading the draft, I have a few questions about where I was planning to go with this, but decided to post what I had, and revisit the character and solo play rules soon.

Here’s the first few year of Concentus past gauntlet …

1220       1 minor story flaw, 4 minor hooks, 1 major hook

Story Dice:  1, 0, 0 – An adventure occurs, but with two extra botch dice.

Easy adventure, base difficulty 6

The adventure originates with an official of the area.

The adventure occurs in the Winter; base difficulty increased to 7.

Two sets of challenges; will need to use two different abilities.

A:            Combat Challenge

Spell (Flash of the Scarlet Flames CrIg15, +15)  8 +15 = 23 – Success

Awareness+Perception (+3)  1,1,5 +3 = 23 — Success

Athletics+Stamina (+3)  4 +3 = 7 — Success

B:            Social Challenge

Folk Ken+Communication (+4)  5 +4 = 9 – Success

Etiquette+Presence (+2)  3 +2 = 5 — Failure

Charm+Intelligence (+3)  0 (no botch) +3 = 3 – Failure

Results:  Two rewards, one loss, +5 xp:  Rewards:  reduced time, 4 build points (magical finger bone (Causes pain once per day; R: touch, D: conc, T: ind; PeCo10, Base 4 +1 touch, +1 Conc).  Losses:  Enemies for 7 seasons

Time:  7 + 2 (challenges) + 2 (failures) – 1 (reduced time) = 10

Story:  The prior of Bath Abbey paid a visit to the Hospital of St. James, to check on Brother Anselm.  The two met in the hospital library, where they happened on Concentus.  Caught by surprise, Concentus attempted to be witty, but failed to impress Prior Robert, who took slight offense at the magus’ comments.  Concentus tried to be conciliatory, but accidentally called the Prior by the wrong honorific.  To teach Concentus better manners and to rein in his impudence, Prior Robert insists that Concentus and Anselm accompany him and the two monks with him on the continuing tour of the local hospitals.  Fearing to further alienate the prior, Concentus, on the advice of his parens, agrees to accompany Robert.  At Saint Agatha’s, Concentus noticed that an assistant, Matthew, was not really what he appeared to be, and seemed to be actually causing pain to patients with the aid of a finger bone.  While at the next hospital, Concentus ran back to Saint Agatha’s to attempt to discover what Matthew was up to.  He found the finger bone, but was confronted by the assistant.  Quickly casting Flash of the Scarlet Flame to blind Matthew, Concentus made his escape and returned to Prior Robert without the monk missing him.  Concentus demonstrated skillfulness in talking to patients and healers, and Prior Robert dismissed him from the last few days of the tour, satisfied that Concentus was a valuable asset to Saint James.  Of course, Matthew will be wanting his finger bone back.


  • Spring: Setting up Labratory
  • Summer: Reading the Magic Theory Summa, gain 9 xp in Magic Theory
  • Autumn: Reading the Magic Theory Summa, gain 9 xp in Magic Theory
  • Winter: (the story)  Reading the Magic Theory Summa, gain 9 xp in Magic Theory

1221       1 minor story flaw, 4 minor hooks, 1 major hook, 1 temporary flaw (Enemies, through Autumn 1222)

Story Dice: 1 – an adventure occurs

Average adventure, base difficulty 9

The adventure originates with a Knight Errant

The adventure takes place in the Spring

Three sets of challenges

A:            Legal/Diplomatic Challenge

Folk Ken + Com (+4)  1,1,5 +4 = 24 — Success

Guile + Pre (+2)   5 +2 = 7 — Failure

Church Lore + Int (+1)  5 +1 = 6 — Failure

B:            Magic Challenge

Enchanting Music + Com (+4)  3 +4 = 7 — Failure

Parma Magica (+1)  8 +1 = 9 — Success

Magic Theory + Int (+5)  3 +5 = 8 — Failure

C:            Combat Challenge

Awareness + Per (+3)   2 +3 = 5 — Failure

Spell (Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu15, +12)  8 +12 +3 (Cyclic Magic) = 23 — Success

Brawl + Str (+1)  6 +1 = 7 , +3 Conf = 10 – Success

Results:  Three rewards and two losses

Rewards:  remove the Enemies flaw, 5 build points (+1 pawn vis)

Losses:  4 build points (money), temporary story flaw for 9 seasons

Time:  9 +3 (challenges) +6 (failures) = 18 days  (modified to Covenant Service)

Story:    Concentus is called to Bath Abbey on charges leveled against him by someone from one of the other area hospitals.  Concentus tries to fast talk his way out of the situation, but fails due to his lack of knowledge of Church Lore.  The process takes several days, until Concentus realizes the Abbey official can be bought off with a bribe, and promises a significant amount of silver for the charges to go away.  Realizing where the charges originated, Concentus returns to St. Agatha’s hospital to confront Matthew.  He investigates Matthew’s rooms, but fails to recognize the magical trap waiting for him.  He is protected from the effects by his parma, but his shield grog, Thomas is affected by a wounding curse.  The hospital staff are alerted by the commotion, and Concentus attempts to use his music to soothe the situation, but has no effect.  Concentus must provide some service to the Covenant in exchange for healing for Thomas.  A few evenings later, while outside the Aegis, Concentus loses his way and is attacked by a flock of ravens.  He successfully casts Charge of the Angry Winds to keep the ravens at bay, but fails to notice Matthew himself sneaking up on him.  Concentus manages to overcome Matthew, in an undignified brawl, but only after Concentus realizes he is grogless and becomes angry with himself.  By the end of the brawl, Matthew bangs his head messily on the cobblestones of the street and dies.  The son of a minor lord, Aelfric, witnessed the spell casting and the fight, but not quickly enough to intervene at the moment.  He did decide to help Concentus remove the body, but Concentus is now indebted to Aelfric for his discretion.  Concentus was able to retrieve a pawn of Perdo vis from one of the ravens.


  • Spring: (the story)  Service to the covenant – Extracting vis: CrVi lab total: 1 (Int) +4 (MT) +5 (Aura) +10 (Cr) +5 (Vi) +3 (Cyclic Magic) = 28, /2 = 2 pawns)
  • Summer: Refining the laboratory  (Size: 0, Refinement: +1, Quality: 0, Upkeep: 0, Safety: 0, Warping: 0, Health: 0, Aesthetics: 0)
  • Autumn: Reading the Intellego Summa  Q8 +3 (booklearner) = 11 xp.
  • Winter: Reading the Intellego Summa Q8 +3 (booklearner) = 11 xp.

1222       1 minor story flaw, 4 minor hooks, 1 major hook, 1 temporary flaw (Favors, through Summer 1223)

Story Dice: 0,0 – Bad omens


  • Spring: Read the Intellego Summa Q8 +3(booklearner) = 11 xp
  • Summer: Begin inventing Scent of the Faerie Realm: InIm15 (R: pers, D: conc, T: smell).  Allows the caster to sense the boundaries of a Faerie regio.  (Base 3, +1 Conc, +3 Smell)  InIm Lab total = 8 (In) +5 (Vi) +1 (Int) +4 (MT) +5 (Aura) +3 (Cyclic Magic) = 26.  Accumulate 11 points this season.
  • Autumn: Finish inventing Scent of the Faerie Realm (InIm15) by accumulating another 8 points.
  • Winter: Read the Rego Summa Q7 +3 (booklearner) = 10 xp

1223       1 minor story flaw, 4 minor hooks, 1 major hook, 1 temporary flaw (Favors, through Summer 1223)

Story Dice:  0 – Bad omen


  • Spring: Read the Muto summa Q7 +3 (booklearner) = 10 xp
  • Summer: Create a disguise potion for Aelfric to repay the debt.  MuIm10 R: Pers, D: Sun, T: Ind (Base 4 +2 Sun).  MuIm Lab Total = 4 (Mu) + 6 (Im) +1 (Int) +5 (MTs) +5 (aura) +3 (cyclic magic) +1 (similar spell)  = 25.  Create three doses of the potion; give two to Aelfric.
  • Autumn: Read the Vim Tractatus Q9 +3 (booklearner)  = 12 xp
  • Winter: Read the Magic Theory Summa Q6 +3 (booklearner) = 9 xp

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