Magi I would like to play

I was thinking about possible Ars Magica magus characters, and came up with the following ideas.  These are nowhere near fleshed out, but I may add details at a later date.

  • A Bjornaer with a badger heartbeast.  Reclusive, with dependents.  While he belongs to a covenant, he chooses to live with his family, on the outskirts of a nearby village.  He sees his role as a protector of the “rustic life”, defending his village and woods.  He helps the villagers with problems, but is not gently gifted.
  • A Criamon with the Gentle Gift, Enchanting Music and Deft Imaginem.  He enjoys  interacting with mundanes, and using his abilities to craft stories and songs.  He believes that dreams are mini-glimpses into the borders of the enigma, and seeks to “collect” dreams of mundanes.
  • A Flambeau magus with Elemental Magic.  He wishes to become a Hoplite, and feels he has something to prove to his master (and house?) since Ignem is not his favorite Form.   He has some good combat scores, and possibly Subtle/Quiet Magic or a Deft Form.  He has a Deficiency in Intellego and relies on others to help determine where he needs to apply his power.  This bothers him a bit.
  • A Guernicus with a talent for Corpus and Mentem.  He sees spirits and ghosts as an untapped investigative resource.  He tends to be slow with his judgments, believing that there is always more to the story, if only he had a way to uncover it.  He dislikes being lied to and tends to overreact when feeling like someone has been dishonest with him.
  • A Jerbiton magus interested in plants, whose goal is to create a garden or conservatory showcasing rare plants, and possibly animals.  Possibly an affinity with Herbam and puissant Creo, but a compulsion to keep everything well-organized, and a cyclic magic penalty in Autumn and Winter.  He will want to will seek out magical and mundane resources from which to collect plant specimens, and be willing to travel to get them.
  • A Merinita with Strong Faerie Blood (Satyr) who somehow also developed the Gentle Gift.  He appreciates the finer things in life, and seeks a hedonistic lifestyle.  He sees his faerie background as a tool toward that lifestyle, but is Plagued by a powerful faerie queen who was spurned by his satyr father.

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