Gryphons Reach Castle

Gryphons Reach Castle was built by a group of adventurers when they decided to “retire”.  They included some defenses, some comforts, some secrets, and a nest for their pet griffon.  The castle was built partly with magic, and partly with mundane means using stone from the nearby quarries.  It rises a little over 100 feet high at the top of the highest tower, and has one dungeon level below the ground floor, as well as access to a cave system beneath.  (The caves are not detailed here, and were sealed off after the adventurers passed on.)

image336The first floor is raised about eight feet above ground level, and has a large circular entryway with hidden murder holes in the ceiling.  The other two rooms on this level are the great hall and a pantry.  A hidden stairway around the pantry leads to private rooms above and below.  For most people in the castle, the only way to other levels are the stairways to the balcony in the great hall, and the stairway down to the kitchens from the pantry.

The second floor has the great hall balcony, living quarters for one of the original adventurers, and an armory with a door that can only be opened from inside.  The small circular stairway is the main access to the various levels in the castle.

Starting on the third floor, the “north” tower is a few steps up from the rest of the castle’s levels.  The third floor has living quarters for three more of the original adventures and a council chamber in the tower.  The stairs down in this chamber lead to the armory and then down to the ground floor and hidden dungeon rooms.

The fourth floor contains access to the first roof level, the living quarters for the mage from the original adventuring group, and a library in the tower.


Level five has servants’ quarters and a chapel in the tower.  Level six is the roof of the “west” tower and the griffon’s nest.  The seventh floor contains the mage’s laboratory, and level eight is the roof.

The ground floor contains the kitchens in the tower bases, and storage and holding cells in the “public” part of the level.  The passage between the two circular rooms is a little low as it passes under the secret stairs leading to the “private” sections of the level.  These sections are also accessible through secret doors in a store room and in the first cell.  The private section has an oubliette in the middle as well as store rooms for some of the adventurers’ treasures.

The dungeon level has cold storage and the well room accessible from the kitchens, and the main treasure room, with stairs down to the cavern levels.

The windows and fireplaces are not included on the map.  Almost all levels have narrow, arrow-loop style windows on the outside walls; the griffon’s nest has larger windows, and there are no windows in the secret stairway on the first floor.  Fireplaces an chimneys are located in the thick outside walls, between the access stairs and the west tower, between the west tower and the great hall, and between the north tower and the great hall, as well as on the side of the great hall opposite the entrance.




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