Crunchy Bits about the Regio

Last post, I wrote about a regio inhabited by four faun caretakers.  Here are some of the details and stats about the regio.  Feel free to modify as needed …

This level of the regio is only accessible via the wooden bridge, which appears at dawn on misty mornings.  The bridge and regio have a level 3 aura, and touch the mundane world where there is no aura, so the ease factor for seeing the bridge any other time would be 11.  The next level of the regio is accessible only be following a particular path around the island and through the arch in the stone wall. The fauns know the way, but do not travel to the upper levels frequently.

There may be many vis sources on the island.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Animal droppings collected under a full moon contain Animal vis.
  • Flowers in certain clearings on the island contain Imaginem vis.
  • Pollen and nectar collected from some flowers within moments of a visit from a bee or butterfly contain Creo vis.
  • Pebbles from the path may contain Rego vis.
  • Stones from the wall may contain Terram vis.

Note that picking up or otherwise disturbing any animals, plant life, pebbles, or stones is likely to draw the irritated attention of one of the caretakers.

Trames, the faun of the paths, modifies the paths from time to time, in order for those walking on them to get the best views of the local scenery at different times of the year.  For this reason, anyone who has visited the regio in a previous season is likely to find the paths rearranged on their next visit.  The path to the upper levels does not change, so anyone visiting multiple times and looking for “constant” paths will eventually be able to find their way to the upper level.  Trames also maintains the bridge, and has been very sad that no one has been maintaining the mundane end of the structure.  Trames carries an iron-shod staff.

Calx, the faun of the wall, periodically modifies the wall and the arch, using stones from around the island, or interesting stones that someone has brought into the regio.  He knows the original locations for all the stones in the wall, and a story for each of the “foreign” stones.  The wall is typically five feet high, and two feet thick, and most of the stones are eight to twelve inches across.  Calx does move the archway from time to time.  Moving the arch does not interfere with access to the next level, but if Calx decides to remove the arch, then there would be no access to the next level.  Calx has large, well-calloused hands.  He typically leaves his cudgel in his home.

Silve, the faun caring for the plants on the island, has a long memory of previous visitors disturbing her “children”.  She tends to be confrontational with outsiders, but may be calmed by suitably humble attitudes.  Trames might also intercede if visitors have been respectful of the paths.  Silve does allow nature to take its course with the plants, and respects the turning of the seasons.  She does help new plants along, and sometimes creates new beds of flowers or transplants a sapling for better effect.  Silve wears a circlet of living flowers in her hair; she typically leaved her cudgel in her home.

Opilia, the faun caring for the animals, tends to remain hidden unless one of her “children” is harmed.  Opilia is distrustful of outsiders, and seeks to avoid confrontation.  She wears feathers braided into her hair and a magical animal skin cloak.  Her staff is ornately carved.

Caretaker Fauns

Magic Might: 20 (Trames: Corpus; Calx: Terram; Silve: Herbam; Opilia: Animal)   Charactertics:  Int 0, Per +2, Pre 0, Com 0, Str +1,  Stm +2,  Dex +1,  Qik +2.  Size: 0;  Age: n/a;  Decrepitude: n/a;  Confidence: 2 (6)

Virtues and Flaws:  Enchanting Music; Clear Thinker (Trames);  Piercing Gaze (Silve);  Shapeshifter (Opilia); Tough (Calx)

Personality Traits:  Protective of those in their care 3; Trames: Thoughtful 1;  Calx: Gregarious 1; Silve: Confrontational 1;  Opilia: Shy 1.


  • Cudgel (Calx and Silve): Init +3,  Atk +9,  Dfn +7,  Dmg +8
  • Dagger: Init +2,  Atk +9,  Dfn +7,  Dmg  +4
  • Short Bow (Trames and Opilia):   Init +1,  Atk +8,  Dfn n/a,  Dmg +7, Rng 15
  • Sling (Calx and Silve):  Init -1,  Atk +6,  Dfn n/a,  Dmg +5, Rng 20
  • Staff (Trames and Opilia): Init +4,  Atk +8,  Dfn +9,  Dmg +3

Soak: +5 (Calx +8); Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, unconscious;  Wounds: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), incapacitated (16-20).

Abilities:  Animal Handling (Opilia) 3 (small mammals);  Athletics (Trames) 3 (running);  Awareness 3 (of items in their protection);  Bows (Trames and Opilia) 3 (short bow);  Brawl 5 (dagger);  Charm (Calx) 3 (courtly love); Craft (Gardener) (Silve and Trames) 3 (plants and paths);  Craft (Mason) (Calx) 3 (walls);  Enchanting Music 4 (sleep);  Folk Ken (Calx) 2 (soldiers);  Great Weapon 3 (staff, cudgel);  Greek 5 (storytelling);  Latin 5 (poetry);  Medicine (Silve) 4 (apothecary);  Shapeshifter (Opilia) 3 (bear);  Stealth 2 (on their level of the regio);   Thrown Weapon (Calx and Silve) 3 (sling).

Equipment:  pan pipes; appropriate weapon; belt pouch with various bits to help them protect their domain (knife, trowel, bandanges, etc).


  •  Invisibility 0 points, Init +10, Imaginem: the faun can turn him/herself invisible.
  • Domain Control  0 points, Init +10, various: The fauns have some control over their respective domains on this level of the regio.  This power is meant for story purposes only, not for direct confrontation of enemies.
  • Teleportation 2 points, Init +8, Corpus:  The fauns can teleport from anywhere in the regio to their home.
  • Expulsion 4 points, Init +5, Corpus: the faun can expel people from the regio, transporting them up to three miles from the bridge.  This power has a range of Touch.
  • Confusion (Trames) 2 points, Init +8, Mentem: as the level 15 ReMe Confusion of the Numbed Will.
  • Confining Wall (Calx) 2 points, Init +8, Terram: as the level 15 ReTe Hands of Grasping Earth.
  • Entangle (Silve) 2 points, Init +8, Herbam: as the level 15 ReHe Tangle of Wood and Thorns, but without the targeting roll.
  • Viper’s Gaze (Opilia) 2 points, Init +8, Animal, Corpus: as the level 15 ReAn Viper’s Gaze, but affects humans as well as animals.

Vis:  Trames: Mentem, 4 pawns, contained in his hooves;  Calx: Terram, 4 pawns, contained in his hands;  Silve: Herbam, 4 pawns, contained in her hands;  Opilia:  Animal, 4 pawns, contained in her horns;  All:  Rego, 2 pawns, contained in their pan pipes.


The fauns’ home is a large cave with a low entrance overlooking the river about one-third the way around the island from the bridge.  The cave is comfortably furnished with a fireplace, beds, and comfy chairs.  A large table often contains a tea service, a few (inaccurate) maps of the paths, and some pots containing very young plants.  A bookshelf contains odd bits of rocks, a few more plants and map scraps, and the odd feather or two.  At some point Trames wrote about the best ways to create paths based on his conversations about the plantlife with Silve; the result is unfinished, but can be read as a tractatus, quality 6, on Craft (Gardening).  Calx also write poetry in his spare time, and a book of his romantic poems is on the shelf (Charm tractatus, quality 6).  Two other books on the shelves were gifts from magi who had visited previously:  On the Use of Herbs in Balancing Humours (Medicine tractatus, quality 8), and On the Cultivation and Maintenance of Magical Gardens  (Craft (Gardener) tractatus, quality 8, Magic Theory tractatus, quality 8, Herbam tractatus, quality 8).  The fauns are more likely to be at home during the winter months than at any other time of the year.  When Opilia is here, she is typically accompanied by a few small animals.   There are no paths leading to their home.


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