Items on a Wizard’s Shelf

  1. Ceramic jar of dried leeches
  2. Spindle full of spider web silk
  3. Glass vial with powdered chalk
  4. Wooden box with chicken feet and beaks
  5. Wooden box with parchment scraps
  6. Ceramic jar full of ashes
  7. Glass jar of squid ink
  8. Leather tube containing various sticks
  9. Cloth pouch with glass beads
  10. Leaves and flowers pressed between two wooden boards
  11. Ceramic jug labeled <monster> urine
  12. Ceramic vial labeled <monster> blood
  13. Glass vial of salt water
  14. Small ceramic box with bits of hair tied in knots
  15. Parchment envelope containing fish scales
  16. Ceramic flask of oil
  17. Parchment envelope with various seeds
  18. Ceramic jar containing powdered glass
  19. Parchment scrap with the same word written over and over
  20. Tall glass jar with eyeballs in brine
  21. Glass bottle containing a mouse in oil
  22. Wooden box containing the bones of a cat
  23. Ceramic box containing guano and droppings
  24. Leather pouch containing owl pellets
  25. Leather packet containing various feathers
  26. Set of small glass jars containing powdered gem stones
  27. Metal flask containing spider venom
  28. Metal box with ceramic marbles of various sizes
  29. Large silvered bowl
  30. Small bronze brazier
  31. Leather folder with tongs, tweezers, scalpels, picks, etc.
  32. Cloth bag containing burned stubs of candles
  33. Leather packet containing various claws and talons
  34. Ceramic jar full of dirt
  35. Ceramic jar containing candied fruit
  36. Wooden box of crackers
  37. Cheese under a glass dome
  38. An egg on a stand under a glass dome
  39. Wooden box containing sealing wax and various seals
  40. Glass jar containing small reptiles in brine
  41. Glass jar containing ears suspended in oil
  42. Three hour glasses filled with different colored sands
  43. An abacus with knuckle bones as beads
  44. Wooden box with different colored chalks
  45. Stone mortar and pestle
  46. Wooden board with a regular square grid burned into it
  47. Empty ceramic and glass jars of various sizes
  48. A blown glass ball, stoppered on one side, with nothing in it
  49. A blown glass ball, sealed, with silver dust
  50. Glass jar of metal filings
  51. Wax tablet and stylus
  52. Inks of various colors
  53. Small wooden box with gold leaf
  54. Seven ceramic orbs of different colors connected by metal rods; the orbs can be rotated around each other
  55. Gold wire on a wooden spool
  56. Copper wire on a wooden spool
  57. Exotic wooden box containing lengths of undyed silk
  58. Silver chain
  59. Silk rope with 13 knots spaced evenly along the length
  60. Eight unpainted ceramic tiles
  61. Wooden box containing bits of colored glass
  62. Leather pouch containing a magnifying glass
  63. Wooden spools containing threads of various colors, with needles
  64. Basket containing stones of various sizes
  65. Balance scale and assorted weights
  66. Wooden boxes with a variety of charcoals
  67. Leather packet containing glass, metal, wood, and ceramic stirring rods of various lengths and thicknesses
  68. A silver fork
  69. A forked willow branch
  70. Glass vial containing what appears to be molasses
  71. Glass jar containing a octopus in oil
  72. Wooden box containing the bones of a right hand wired together so it can be posed
  73. A life-like set of chess pieces
  74. Carved-stone gargoyle
  75. A cloth pouch containing plain gold and silver rings
  76. Wooden spool containing silken cord
  77. Leather scroll case containing metal rods of various lengths and thicknesses
  78. Wooden box containing a well-worn child’s blanket
  79. Parchment envelope containing a small gem and a ring with an empty setting
  80. Metal box containing a dozen arrow heads
  81. Wooden box containing blank parchment sheets
  82. Ball of twine
  83. Wooden box containing a set of five small silver bells with different tones
  84. A badly tuned recorder
  85. Large wooden box containing well-preserved animal pelts
  86. A wooden bowl full of teeth
  87. A wooden bowl containing dried fruit
  88. Wooden box of salt
  89. Leather flask of wine
  90. Leather flask of vinegar
  91. Leather flask of water
  92. Leather flask of a vile-smelling liquid
  93. Metal flask containing a ceramic marble that is too big to take out, and blocks the neck of the flask when inverted
  94. Vase of dried flowers
  95. Parchment envelope with small wood shavings
  96. Metal bowl containing sawdust
  97. Cloth bag full of rags
  98. Basket containing various rodent skulls
  99. A metal wind-chime, disassembled
  100. Cloth scraps with various patterns embroidered on

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