MinersfordMinersford is a small village that grew up outside a dwarven mining outpost.  The population of Minersford is mostly human and halfling; the dwarves who work in the mines under the eastern hills don’t live in this town.  North of the town is the Wolfwood, a relatively tame but unsettled forest.  The ground rises steeply on the east side of the ford into the rocky hills of the Cragwood.  The gentle rolling hills and meadows of the Wooly Downs lie to the west and south and are home to numerous farms and sheep and goat herders.  The economy of the area is based on local agriculture (oats and barley), sheep and goat-herding, brewing, lumber, and on trade with the dwarves of the Dwarfhold.  MInersford Stout is a particularly good ale and fetches a good price in the city a few days’ ride south.  (The dwarves drink their own brew.)  The citizens of Minersford pay taxes to the city in order to keep a small garrison here.

The Dwarfhold is a small stone fort on the east side of the ford; it contains a warehouse, blacksmith, dwarven miners’ guild hall, a shrine, and in the tower an entrance to the mines and refineries themselves.  A trail behind the tower leads to another mine outpost further up in the mountains.  The Mithril Hammer Inn caters to the merchants who trade with the dwarves.  A shrine to Hephaestus is the only completely stone building in town, and serves as the home to the local magistrate and garrison.  A mill and the Minersford Brewing Company are at the south end of town.  The buildings closest to the river, including the Inn, mill and Brewery, are constructed of local wood and thatch, and raised on stone undercrofts as the spring floods will occasionally overflow the banks of the river and make the ford impassable.  The Dwarfhold itself is built on raised ground with a fairly steep climb between the guard towers, to prevent flooding the bailey and to dissuade anyone from trying to take the mine by force.

Businesses in Minersford, in addition to the Inn, Brewery, and Mill, include a blacksmith (smaller than the one in the Dwarfhold), wainwright, cooper, and warehouses.  There are some smaller “home” breweries near the farms to the south.  Lumber is typically hauled by wagon from the mills to the northwest, as the river is too narrow (and shallow at the town) to permit transporting the logs by water.

Important people in Minersford are:

  • Micah Silvershod, the dwarven emissary who resides in the Dwarfhold
  • Quentin Barleyfist, the halfling brewer and owner of the Minersford Brewing Company
  • Cordelia Hightower, the local magistrate and commander of the garrison (human)
  • Egon Potts, the proprietor of the Mithril Hammer Inn (human)

Story hooks:

  • Lumberjacks northwest of the town are being harassed by a creature (or maybe a druid upset at the logging).
  • Bandits on the road to the city have been raiding traders and evading their hired guards with greater frequency of late.
  • Fires at a couple of home breweries have the locals worried, including the Barleyfist family, who also fear they might be blamed.
  • Something has started raiding the sheep and goat herds of the Wooly Downs.
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