Starting out …

Starting this blog ranks somewhere in the top 10% on my “things I do that scare me a little” list.  Not that I’m afraid of writing.  I’m a little scared about keeping myself to posting schedule, which I am currently saying is going to be once a week.

Anyway, I hope to include some bits about my rpg experiences, mostly playing D&D (still using 2nd edition for the most part) and Ars Magica (primarily playing 4th edition for now).  I might try some other kinds of writing moving forward, but I’m starting with what I know and what gets my creative juices flowing…

A little bit about me … I have been playing rpg’s since somewhere around 1980, when a friend (who I still game with) introduced me to D&D.  I got a copy of Ars Magica in 1989, and fell for the great magic system, but never got a chance to play until 4th edition came out.  I’ve played lots of other games since I started (Top Secret and Toon being two that stand out in my memory), and I currently play with two groups.  The D&D group has anywhere from 6 to 10 players (depending on whose offspring are home from school and available) and I am one of four DMs in the group.  My ArM group only has four of us (a subset of the other group) and I am the only SG.  We never get to play as often as we want to.

I have interests beyond games, but for now, I am limiting myself to games on this blog for three reasons: I don’t want to get too overwhelmed, I feel like I need to get the creative juices flowing in my games, and I really enjoy playing.

My thanks at this point to Dyson Logos at Dyson’s Dodecahedron for his great and inspiring maps and to Hannah Linsky at Chaotic Shiny for her random tables.


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